Willie Ford Files for US Trademark 2/18/2015

YOUR MARK: The Dramatics (Standard Characters, mark.jpg) The literal element of the mark consists of The Dramatics. The mark consists of standard characters, without claim to any particular font, style, size, or color. YOUR SERIAL NUMBER: We have received your U.S. Trademark Application and assigned serial number '86539525' to your submission. A summary of

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The Dramatics originally formed in 1964, recording as the Dynamics in 1965. Their first release in 1965 was entitled Bingo and the B-side was entitled Somewhere. It was recorded for the late Ed Wingate's Wingate record label, a division of Golden World Records in Detroit, Michigan. Due to a misprint, Wingate changed the name

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Victoria by the Dramatics Featuring Willie Ford Digital Distributed Nationally by CPI/Orchard Distribution
Official National Release Street Date December 4, 2015
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