The Dramatics are one of the most underrated vocal aggregations of all time, and The Best of the Dramatics shows just how 126405d0powerful this group could be.  Its signature hit “Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get”, with its Latin-tinged groove, anchors this 16-song set, along with the haunting “In The Rain” and the message song “The Devil Is A Dope”, the latter showing more than a hint of the Temptations influence inevitable for any Detroit-based vocal group of this period.  Ensemble singing is elevated to a new level on Dramatically Yours, and although Banks and Reynolds carry most of the leads, all of the fellas get a chance to shine. Willie Ford’s bass punctuates “Toast To The Fool” and the lyrical interplay on “Highway to Heaven” glides with an “Under the Boardwalk” feel.  The reissue Me and Mrs. Jones consolidates some of the Dramatics’ best work ever, the highlight being a reworking of the Billy Paul megahit which actually eclipses the original.

The Essential Album Guide

Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get
Get Up And Get Down | Thank You For Your Love| Hot Pants In The Summertime | Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get | In The Rain | Gimme Me Some (Good Soul Music) | Fall In Love, Lady Love | Mary Don’t Cha Wanna
Volt ~ January 15, 1972
A Dramatic Experience
The Devil Is A Dope | You Could Become The Very Heart Of Me | Now You Got Me Loving You | Fell For You | Jim, What’s Wrong With Him? | Hey You! Get Off My Mountain | Beautiful People | Beware Of The Man (With The Candy In His Hand) | Stand Up And Clap Your Hands
Volt ~ October 27, 1973
Dramatically Yours
And I Panicked | I Dedicate My Life To You | You’ve Got Me Going Through A Thing | I Pray She’ll Never Go Away | I Made Myself Lonely | Highway To Heaven | Beautiful Feeling | Toast To The Fool | It’s So Hard Trying To Get Over You
Volt ~ May 11, 1974
The Dramatic Jackpot
(I’m Going By) The Stars In Your Eyes | Good Things Don’t Come Easy | Trying To Get Over Losing You | I Cried All The Way Home | Never Let You Go | A Thousand Shades Of Blue | Me Myself And I | I Dig Your Music | Me and Mrs. Jones | How Do You Feel
ABC ~ March 29, 1975
Drama V
You’re Fooling You | She’s A Rainmaker | I Was The Life Of The Party | Things Are Changing | I’m Gonna Love You To The Max | Treat Me Like A Man | Just Shopping (Not Buying Anything) | Come Out Of Your Thing | I’ll Make It So Good
ABC ~ November 15, 1975
Joy Ride
Finger Fever | Richest Man Alive | Stand Up And Move | Sing And Dance Your Troubles Away | I Get Carried Away | Be My Girl | After This Dance | Say The Word | I Can’t Get Over You | Sundown Is Coming (Hold Back The Night)
ABC ~ October 23, 1976
Shake It Well
 Shake It Well | You Make The Music (I Just Dance Along) | My Ship Won’t Sail Without You | Come Inside | Spaced Out Over You | That Heaven Kind of Feelin | (I Like) Makin’ You So Happy | Oceans of Thoughts and Dreams | Music Is Forever
ABC ~ August 13, 1977

Do What You Wanna Do  

 ABC 1978
10 1/2
Music Is The People’s Choice | Welcome Back Home | Runnin’ From My Love | Love Is Here | I Just Wanna Dance the Night Away | If You Feel Like You Wanna Dance | It Ain’t Rainin’ (On Nobody’s House But Mine) | Be With The One You Love
MCA ~ March 8, 1980
The Dramatic Way
Get It
 Givin Up My Love
You’re the Best Thing in MyLife (We NeedMore Lovin Time)
 Turn on the Music
 How Can I Be Sure
Share Your Love With Me
MCA Records
Somewhere In Time
Dream Lady | Razor Blade|
One Love Ago | Show Me
What You Got | When Love Is Over | Somewhere In Time / In The Rain / Fell For You / Hey You, Get Off My Mountain / Girl, Stop Your Weeping / Be My Girl |
Days of Yea and Ney | Luv’s Callin | She’s Wild
The Best of the Dramatics
Get Up and Get Down | Thank You For Your Love | Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get | In The Rain | (Gimme Some) Good Soul Music | Fall In Love, Lady Love | The Devil Is a Dope | You Could Become the Very Heart of Me | Fell For You | Hey You! Get Off My Mountain | Beware of the Man (With the Candy in His Hand) And I Panicked | I Dedicate My Life To You | I Made Myself Lonely | Highway to Heaven | Toast to the Fool
Volt ~ 1986
Dramatics Live
Intro | Get Up And Get Down | Thankful For Your Love | This Guy’s In Love With You | Respect Yourself | That’s The Way I Feel Aboutcha | Toast To The Fool | In The Rain | Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get
Stax ~ 1988
Positive State of Mind
Positive State of Mind | Live Your Life | Bridge Over Troubled Water | Blame It On New York City | Please Say You’ll Be Mine | Give Me Some Attention Tonight | Come On and Stay | Bridge Over Troubled Water (Instrumental)
Volt~ June 3, 1989
Mellow Drama
One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show
Hurt By Love | Sexy Devil |
Cloud Nine | Paradise | Space Age | Everything Reminds Me Of You | For Your Love | Mother Nature | Key To The World |
Space Age
Dramatics: Ultimate Collection
 Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get | Get Up And Get Down | In The Rain | Hey You! Get Off My Mountain | Fell For You | Me and Mrs. Jones | Choosing Up On You | Door To Your Heart | You’re Fooling You | Be My Girl (Single Version) | Finger Fever | Shake It Well (Single Version) | I Can’t Get Over You | Stop Your Weeping (Single Version) | I Just Wanna Dance With You | Oceans Of Thoughts And Dreams | Welcome Back Home | That’s My Favorite Song | You’re The Best Thing In My Life
 September 19, 2000
Look Inside
Look Inside | Looks Like Rain
Got My Pride | Pushin’ Up On Ya
What Must I Do | Baby Boo
Right In the Middle of Heaven | Special Lady | I’m So Alone | Better Love As Friends
January 2002
The Dramatics Greatest Hits Live
Dramatics Theme | Treat Me Like a Man
Just Shopping (Not Buying Anything)
Hey You! (Get Off My Mountain) | In the Rain | Fell For You  | Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get | I Can’t Get Over You
Beware of the Man (With the Candy In His Hand  The Devil Is A Dope | Shake It Well
Dramatic Medley | Thank You For Your Love | Fall in Love, Lady Love | Doggy Doggy World | Me & Mrs Jones | You’re Fooling You | Door to Your Heart | Be My Girl | Stand Up and Clap Your Hands
Get Up and Get Down
November 2002

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Official National Release Street Date December 4, 2015
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